Our Story

In 2002, we considered ourselves to be a typical family. We had a beautiful, energetic little girl and a brand new, adorable baby boy. Cassie, my daughter, certainly kept us on our toes. She was vibrant and full of life…she loved her baby brother endlessly. I was now the mom of two young children…running here and there…errands, groceries, playdates…the usual. I had recently earned my Master’s Degree and was ready to continue climbing that corporate ladder – as a new mom of two young children. Until that unforgettable doctor’s appointment - that would change our lives forever.

Cassie, my daughter, was diagnosed. The world became a blur…

My Cassie, my girl… is severely impaired by autism and related issues. My Cassie functions as a toddler. My Cassie does not have language. She cannot tell me if she is hot or cold, happy or sad… she cannot tell me how much pain she is in when her feet are broken (again). She cannot bathe or dress herself. Cassie is twenty years old.

My son, Sam, is an angel. My angel, Cassie’s angel. Sam has been my co-parent – as I have been a single mom for eight years. Sam has picked up so many pieces that were left behind. My Sam…I don’t even have the words… Thank you…my amazingly resilient boy. Thank you.

Sometimes there’s a light that shines in the darkness... My Cassie found her “voice”, her outlet...when she learned how to paint. Cassie showed expression we have never seen before. She LOVES to paint. She lights up. She glows. She feels HER happiness. Cassie has come full circle - in the one way she knows how. My heart is FULL.

I am honored to introduce you to Cassie’s Creations. We thank you so much for your kindness and support.


Jen, Sam and Cassie